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Texas Wide Open for Business promotes Texas economic development and is the official brand for the Texas Economic Development division within the Office of the Governor. Texas Wide Open for Business provides valuable information and resources to companies looking for expansion or relocation opportunities in the Lone Star State through the following departments:

Domestic Expansion & Recruitment

Domestic Expansion & Recruitment (DER) serves businesses that want to expand existing Texas operations, as well as out-of-state businesses interested in relocating to or expanding in Texas. DER also serves as a focal point for disseminating business leads to Texas communities.


International Business & Recruitment

International Business & Recruitment provides information and assistance to foreign companies planning to establish business in Texas, and to Texas companies planning to export goods to foreign countries.


The Office of Aerospace, Aviation, and Defense

The Office of Aerospace, Aviation, and Defense focuses on maintaining Texas' leadership position by developing business strategies to promote the retention, development, and expansion of aerospace, aviation, and defense businesses in Texas.  The office places special emphasis on identifying and working with domestic and international companies looking to expand in or relocate to the state.  The office also collaborates with higher education institutions on research efforts and with community colleges and local workforce boards to insure Texas has a well-trained workforce.

For information on the Aerospace, Aviation and Defense industry in Texas, click here.

To contact the Office of Aerospace, Aviation and Defense, click here.


Business Research

Business Research provides current and relevant data to assist companies in the relocation and expansion decision process. Economic figures, demographic data, trend analysis, and industry reports are updated regularly to provide companies with solid tools for making informed decisions.


The Economic Development Bank

The Economic Development Bank provides globally competitive, cost-effective financial incentives to expanding businesses operating in this state and businesses relocating to this state. The Bank is also charged with ensuring that communities and businesses in Texas have access to capital for economic development purposes. The Bank administers the following financial incentives: Texas Product Business Fund, Texas Leverage Fund, Texas Industry Development Loan Program, Texas Enterprise Zone Program, and Industrial Revenue Bonds. To download the Bank's brochure, click here. To view the 2013 Annual Report click here.


Texas Small Business Advocacy

The Texas Small Business Advocacy program's mission is to promote the State of Texas as the ideal place to start and grow small businesses by identifying and isolating legal and financial barriers for small, medium, and historically underutilized businesses (HUBs); assisting small and medium enterprises with expansion programs, policies, and directives; and developing strategies and outlooks for small business development throughout the Lone Star State.


Texas Military Preparedness Commission

Texas Military Preparedness Commission's mission is to preserve, promote, and advance the military mission within Texas while protecting vital military installations within its borders and to encourage defense-related businesses to expand or relocate to Texas.


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