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Our office is dedicated to assisting foreign companies achieve thier U.S. trade, investment and expansion goals by providing the tools necessary to succeed.

In addition to the Expansion and Relocation Guide, the resources below provide information to foreign companies establishing business in Texas.

State of Texas Office, Mexico City

Texas and Mexico are intertwined by history, geography and a common purpose. We share a 1,254 mile border and are also connected by commerce, as Mexico is our number one trading partner. Relationships of family, friends and free enterprise flow across the border to the benefit of both entities, and roughly one-third of Texas’ 26 million citizens can trace their lineage to our southern neighbor.

The State of Texas Office, Mexico City was opened officially on October 1, 1971. Trade with Mexico is vital to the state’s economy and an important component of our efforts to enhance the quality of life of Texans living in the border region. Texas is dedicated to supporting an environment of job growth, opportunity, and prosperity for the people of the Lone Star State.

The primary function of the State of Texas Office, Mexico City is to promote investment that generates jobs in Texas. The office assists Texas companies and communities by connecting and educating prospective investors and/or trading partners about the potential opportunities. Our pro-business climate continues to bring quality jobs to the state, offering employers an unparalleled competitive edge, with the lowest per capita tax rates in the nation, proximity to strategic markets, cutting-edge infrastructure and a skilled workforce.

The office exposes Mexican companies to the advantages of doing business in Texas through hosting Invest in Texas Forums. These seminars educate investors on the preferred business practices within the state. The office continues to develop relationships and serve as a connection between the Mexican commerce organizations and the Texas business landscape by supporting the efforts of research and development, data inquires and site selection.

The State of Texas organizes events around the world to showcase why Texas is the best place to locate and do business in the United States. The State of Texas Office Mexico City office conducts five Invest in Texas Forums throughout the year.

Nov. 20-22, 2013
Dallas, Texas

March 12-14, 2014
San Antonio, Texas

June 18-20, 2014
Houston, Texas

July 29, 2014
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Aug. 27, 2014
Mexico City, Mexico

If you are a local community, small business or business provider and would like more information about attending these events, please contact one of the Trade and Investments Specialists below.

Monica Sanchez, Director
Vanessa Cardenas, Trade and Investment Specialist
Nancy Galicia, Trade and Investment Specialist
Claudina Gomez, Trade and Investment Specialist

Paseo de la Reforma 325 PB Col.
Cuauhtemoc Mexico, D.F. 06500
Tel. (01152)(55)5514-9626

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