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The Office of the Governor's Economic Development and Tourism (EDT) division is charged with domestic and international business relocation and expansion efforts for the state. The office provides various services to assist companies and their legal representatives with the expansion and relocation process.

Services offered by the EDT office include:

Site Search Assistance

The EDT site search assistance process is designed to make your site search as efficient as possible by directing you to one of several methods that will effectively connect you to potential sites. Determining which method will be most effective for you will begin with a call to an EDT location specialist who will serve as the primary contact for statewide location searches. To speak with a location specialist please call (512) 936-0101.


Site Search Methods

  1. Web search using www.TexasSiteSearch.com
  2. Direct referral from EDT to a local economic development entity
  3. EDT assisted site search

If it is determined that your company requires an EDT assisted site search the process is as follows:

  1. Fill out and submit the EDT online Site Location Requirements Form.
  2. An EDT representative will contact you to confirm the details and scope of the project.
  3. Location requirements will be transmitted to the designated economic developers within your targeted search area.
  4. Proposals from local economic developers will be submitted to the EDT office and then forwarded to your company representative.
  5. Based on company feedback from the site search proposals, the EDT office will work with you to attain any additional information needed from Texas communities.
  6. Once you have narrowed your search, the EDT office will facilitate communications and/or site visits with the selected communities.

Information Regarding State Incentives and Programs

Once all project parameters have been determined, the EDT office can assist a company in identifying state-level incentives that are a likely match for the project and provide information on how to qualify for those opportunities. For an outline of commonly utilized state incentives, please see the Incentives section on our website.


Texas Business Climate Research

In order to facilitate informed relocation and expansion decisions, the EDT Business Research team can provide up-to-date economic data customized for your project. Visit the Media section of our website to view available online resources.


Liaison with State Agencies as Needed

Texas' commitment to economic development has led the Office of the Governor to create a strong team of economic development allies within the various state agencies. This network allows the EDT office to effectively streamline the regulatory and permitting process in expansion and relocation projects.


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