Tax Incentives

The State and local communities offer a variety of tax incentives and innovative solutions for businesses expanding in or relocating to Texas. Programs include Enterprise Zone sales tax refunds, manufacturing sales tax exemptions, property tax value limitation, and freeport exemptions.

Texas Enterprise Zone Program

State sales and use tax refunds for businesses in economically distressed areas of the state.

Manufacturing Exemptions

State sales and use tax exemptions for manufacturers on tangible property, natural gas, and electricity.

Value Limitation and Tax Credits (Texas Economic Development Act)

An eight-year limitation on the taxable property value for school district maintenance and operations tax purposes and a tax credit.

Freeport Exemptions

Tax exemption for certain goods that enter and leave Texas within 175 days.

Pollution Control Equipment Incentive

Tax exemption for property that is for pollution control purposes.

Renewable Energy Incentives

Tax exemptions and deductions for solar, wind, ethanol, and biodiesel energy.

Defense Economic Readjustment Zone Program

A tax refund program for business recruitment and job creation in adversely impacted defense-dependent communities.

Data Center Incentive

A temporary tax exemption program from state sales and use tax on certain items necessary and essential to the operation of a qualified data center.

R&D Tax Credit (Effective 1/1/14)

A sales and use tax exemption and a franchise tax credit to certain research and development activities.

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