Texas Emerging Technology Fund

The Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF) is a cash grant program designed to help Texas create jobs and grow the economy over the long-term by expediting the development and commercialization of new technologies and attracting and creating jobs in technology fields that form the backbone of our economy. The program works through partnerships between the state, higher education institutions, and the private industry to focus greater attention on the research, development, and commercialization of emerging technology.

Grants are awarded in the following three areas:

  • Commercialization Awards:
    Incentives for Commercialization Activities occur when the State utilizes taxpayer funds to make an investment in a privately-owned entrepreneurial business that is seeking to bring a new or enhanced technology to the marketplace. To be eligible for the award, the business must be partnered with one of the State's institutions of higher education.

    Priority for funding is given to proposals that involve emerging scientific or technology fields that have a reasonable probability of enhancing the State's national and global economic competitiveness. By strategically investing in industries with high growth potential, these investments help ensure Texas will remain a global leader in key industries.
  • Matching Awards:
    The goal of the TETF Research Award Matching program is to create public-private partnerships to leverage the unique strength of universities, federal government grant programs and industry. This enables Texas to secure additional research funds from outside the State in key technical and scientific areas that contribute to the growth of our emerging-technology economy.

    Priority is given to emerging-technology research and development that will have a significant impact on Texas' future economy or may result in a major medical or scientific breakthrough. Preference is also given to research activities that involve collaboration among multiple Texas institutions of higher education and private entities.
  • Acquisition of Research Superiority:
    The TETF Acquisition of Research Superiority goal is to bring the best and brightest researchers in the world to Texas. This enables our Texas academic institutions to continue to build expertise in key research areas, attract and inspire students to pursue advanced degrees in math, sciences, and engineering, and provide an invaluable resource to the community by fostering innovation and commercialization in our State. Priority is given to proposals that involve scientific or technical fields that have a reasonable probability of enhancing the State's national and global economic competitiveness, as well as proposals that may result in a medical or scientific breakthrough. Added consideration is also given to proposals that are interdisciplinary, are eligible for federal and other outside funding for research superiority, and are likely to create a nationally or internationally recognized locus of research superiority.

    To be eligible for this award, an applicant must be a Texas public institution of higher education, commit to acquiring new research superiority talent from outside the State, and be sponsored by the institution's leadership.

Eligibility requirements are specific to each type of grant. For more information, consult TETF's website.

Regional Centers of Innovation and Commercialization must be contacted to discuss application and specific requirements. For more information, consult TETF's website.

Seven regions of the state have been established to administer the program through a Regional Center of Innovation and Commercialization. In addition, a statewide Life Science Regional Center of Innovation and Commercialization was also formed.

The RCICs act as the regional agent for the ETF Advisory Committee to identify, evaluate, and submit promising proposals from their respective regions to the ETF Advisory Committee. The ETF Advisory Committee makes final decisions on awards. RCICs work closely with applicants in assisting with ETF proposal development, post-proposal debriefings, and commercialization activities. In addition, RCICs are a strong focal point for increasing cooperation and spurring collaboration between industrial, financial, and academic entities.

For ETF contact information within the Office of the Governor, click here.

For RCIC contact information, click here.

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