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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Texas ranks in the top three nationally in aerospace and aviation manufacturing in terms of capital investments, employees, value added per employee, and value of shipments. In addition to product manufacturing, Texas also has deep talent pools in air transportation, aircraft maintenance, airport operation, and flight training.

Sample of Aerospace & Aviation Private Workforce in Texas

Industry Industry Code Firms Employment Avg. Yearly Wage
Air Transportation 481 481 61,010 $71,548
Support Activities for Air Transport 4881 650 20,863 $57,006
Search, Detection, and
Navigation Instruments
334511 50 7,406 $101,742
Aircraft Manufacturing 336411 89 32,518 $94,658
Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts 336412 50 4,909 $58,864
Other Aircraft Parts and Equipment 336413 82 8,968 $82,930
Satellite Telecommunications 517410 55 692 $89,239
Flight Training 611512 103 2,969 $58,651

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012)


Workforce Concentration

An existing cluster of firms in a particular industry leads to the creation and maintenance of a trained labor force from which other businesses can draw. As a result, regions in Texas with specific labor pools continue to attract new business expansions and relocations in those same sectors.

The analysis on which the workforce cluster maps are based compares the portion of a Texas region's workforce employed in a certain sector to the portion of the entire U.S. workforce employed in that sector. The comparison provides a ratio that measures how intensively a certain region is specialized in a particular industry, and ranks it as "moderate," "above average," or "high." The regions highlighted do not represent the only areas in Texas where a relevant labor force can be found, but represent the areas of the state with the greatest concentrations of employment in these given industries.

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