Since the discovery of the Spindletop Oilfield in 1901, Texas has embodied the production of energy. The Energy cluster is made up of three sub-clusters: oil and gas exploration and production; electric/coal/nuclear power generation; and renewable and sustainable energy generation. Texas' geography and natural resources, excellent transportation systems, skilled labor force, and leadership in environmental research give the state an energy advantage.

There are over 848 operational oil and gas rigs in Texas, 48 percent of the national total. As the only state with its own grid, Texas' electrical transmissions and new energy development are free from federal regulation. Texas is a major nuclear power generating state, with almost 5,000 MW of installed nuclear power.
Texas leads the nation in installed wind capacity (12,214 MW), and is home to two of the largest wind farms in the western hemisphere. The energy sector contributes more than $172 billion to the Texas economy. Texas is #1 in total energy production, biodiesel production capacity, and solar energy potential.

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