Petroleum Refining & Chemical Products

Texas leads the nation in petroleum refining and chemical products production, and is a global leader in the closely related petrochemical industry. Texas entered the global petroleum production and refining industry in 1901, when the Spindletop oilfield in Beaumont began production with a gusher that made headlines around the world.

Irving, Texas is home to oil, gas, and chemical giant ExxonMobil, which is second on the 2013 Fortune 500. Texas is home to 33 energy-related companies on the Fortune 1000 list. Houston, "The Energy Capital of the World," is home to more than 5,000 energy-related firms. Texas' 27 refineries lead the nation in both crude oil production and refining. With over 5.1 million barrels a day, Texas has 28.8 percent of the nation's total capacity.
The average yearly wage in Texas' refining and chemical manufacturing industry is $95,000. With 100,000 workers employed, Texas is home to the largest petrochemical cluster in the world. Houston alone accounts for over 40 percent of the nation's base petrochemical capacity.

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