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The Governor's Office Small Business division works to establish the State of Texas as the premier place to start and grow a small business by identifying and isolating legal and financial barriers for small, medium, and historically-underutilized businesses (HUBs). In assisting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with expansion programs, policies and directives, and developing strategies and outlooks for small business development both domestically and internationally, the Small Business division promotes the interests of Texas' small businesses and provides them with the necessary information and resources needed to succeed in the global marketplace.

The Governor's Office Small Business team responds to individual, community, and industry requests for help and information and refers parties to relevant resource providers and partners. The Small Business team also serves on various interagency work groups and task forces to represent Texas small business interests.

Texas Small Business Division Services and Activities:

  • Serve as the principal advocate for Texas small business owners, providing information and resources that include consideration of all legislation and regulations affecting Texas small businesses;
  • Represent the views and interests of Texas small businesses before other state agencies and departments;
  • Enlist the cooperation and assistance of public and private agencies, business organizations, industry associations, and other government partners in conveying information about programs and services available to small businesses;
  • Work with experts, authorities, and organizations in various fields of small business assistance including but not limited to: capital sourcing, business investment, venture capital investment, commercial banking, insurance, rural affairs, and export trade and financing;
  • Assist Texas small businesses by identifying technical assistance resources, such as business and employer services, access to capital, certification, and state, local, and federal procurement opportunities;
  • Convene statewide Governor's Small Business Forums to assist Texas small businesses with information, resources, and networking opportunities and acknowledging the successes of small businesses via Governor's Small Business Recognition Awards.

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